Welcome to the Orders of Magnitude Blog

In science, orders of magnitude is a way of expressing size using factors of ten. For example, a bacterium is 6 orders of magnitude smaller than a person. The moon is 11 orders of magnitude farther away than my coffee cup. It’s a way of condensing giant, inconceivable differences into a workable number using exponents.

On the interwebs, Orders of Magnitude is a blog where we aim to take complex ideas and contain them into intelligible, fascinating posts. We will put up our daily musings on new ideas in the scientific world and will cover the quirky, the significant, and the mind-blowing in science.

In real life, Orders of Magnitude is:

  • Mandy Qualls – Social media guru, public health scientist, and astronomy fan girl
  • Patricia Waldron – Freelance science writer and a biologist of very small things

We hope you like the site! Come back and see us sometime!

What do you think?

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