Weekly Science Roundup

It’s been a busy week in the household with a wedding to go to this weekend and stupid adult stuff like cars to take care of and what not. . .what solves the adult woes better than awesome science news?

I’ve been following the Endeavour Space Shuttle’s journey to its final home at a museum in Los Angeles. How would you like to look out of your office and see this flying by?

(Video courtesy of NASA)

Of course, I’m also following Endeavour’s journey with jealousy, as it doesn’t come close to OKC. It did fly over Austin, TX, however. My love of OU sports has further increased my fist-shaking at Austin, home of UT.

I love Phil Plait, aka the Bad Astronomer, not just for his astronomy background and wonderful writing, but for his skeptic take on issues such as global warming, astrology, and homeopathy (more on skeptics in a later post). Here’s his post about the (non) logic of global warming deniers.

A wonderful longitudinal study (25 years!) is giving us hints into the wonders of evolution. This is a great read into what science can show us about how organisms can evolve and adapt to their environment. By the way, if you are a creationist, this may not be your favorite blog. Just a fair warning.

Another burgeoning public health issue: Life expectancy has been shown to be decreasing for less-educated whites. More research needs to be completed in this area before we find out the causes, but the study’s authors have their theories about why this is taking place.

Because it is Friday and pet pictures are required*, here is a picture of our dogs. It is scientifically proven** that these are the cutest dogs in the world:










*I super just made that up

**Not scientifically proven


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