Top 5 Reasons to Vote

If you have just woken up from a coma, you may not realize that today is Election Day, and (hopefully) tonight we will know who our next President of the United States will be. I hereby introduce to you the top 5 reasons why you, possible American citizen, should go vote today.

Who voted? YOU voted.

1. You get a sweet sticker. Also, if you take a picture of said sticker and social media it, we can help break all the social media today. Break all the things!!!

2. Like to complain about politics or political figures? If you don’t vote, it would be like watching an overflowing bathtub and complaining that SOMEONE should be doing something to fix it. Go vote: then you can complain. Because America.

3. If astronauts currently living on the International Space Station can vote, you can stand in line for an hour and do the same.

From the New York Times – Voters in Staten Island

4. If people living in New York and New Jersey, with no power, heat, or running water, can go vote, I mean seriously you can stand in line and vote.

5. I’ve heard every complaint about voting: It’s inconvenient, my vote doesn’t count for anything, etc. We live in a democracy. Democracies work by citizens voting for their elected officials. Participate in our democracy and go vote. It’s how America works!

What do you think?

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