Today, We Remember the Challenger

Today is the anniversary of the 1986 Challenger disaster. I’m posting this not to start our Monday off on a somber note, but to remember the lives not only of the astronauts lost that day, but also of other astronauts who have given their lives to such a worthy endeavor.

Today, we remember:Challenger crew

  • Francis Scobee, Mission Commander
  • Michael Smith, Pilot
  • Ellison Onizuka, Mission Specialist 1
  • Judith Resnik, Mission Specialist 2
  • Ronald McNair, Mission Specialist 3
  • Christa McAuliffe Payload Specialist 1
  • Greg Jarvis, Payload Specialist 2

For those of us who were alive and able to remember January 28, 1986, it was a day we will never forget. Most people remember Christa McAuliffe, who was a teacher from Concord, New Hampshire. As a part of the Teacher in Space project, Christa would have been the first civilian in space. Millions of school children were watching that morning as the Challenger disaster unfolded, with many of us not knowing exactly what had happened.

It was a reminder that putting people into space is hard. Very hard. But we humans are an ever-reaching species who will endeavor to explore, and as long as there are humans around, we will always be pushing the limits of what we can achieve.

So today, we give thanks to those who have gone before us for their dedication, their pioneering spirit, their bravery, and their courage. We will always remember you.


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