The Science of Melanoma

Melanoma’s having quite a year.

I was recently diagnosed with melanoma (I wrote a blog post about it–check it out here). I consider myself extremely lucky, as my melanoma was caught early. For others, the story does not have a happy ending. You’ve probably heard about former President Jimmy Carter, who recently disclosed he not only had melanoma, but it had spread to his liver and his brain. A few days ago, melanoma claimed neurologist and author Oliver Sacks as well.

Going through this journey, I had a lot of questions about melanoma. I decided to look into the science behind melanoma formation, melanoma growth, and the most current treatment options. Continue Reading


The Grossest Jobs in Public Health

In the public health field, we deal with a lot of things that are, shall we say, unsavory. In fact, we’ll just call them outright gross. In honor of Halloween, here are the top 5:

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